01May 2018

 Compact EtherCAT Drive Solution for Rotary or Linear Brushless, DC Brushed and Stepper Motors The IND, 8 Axis Ethercat Enabled Universal Drive Rack is based on a new design concept offering a cost effective, compact and modular solution for the control of rotary or linear brushless, DC brush, and step motors of powers up to […]

21Mar 2017

To meet the need for inexpensive, yet precise motion control, Delta Tau launched its Turbo PMAC Clipper controller some time ago. The multi-axis controller is very powerful, but compact and cost-effective. It has Delta Tau’s full Turbo PMAC2 processor (CPU) section and provides a minimum of 4 axes of servo or stepper control with 32 […]

21Mar 2017

Power PMAC from Delta Tau not only enables a variety of apparently disparate motor drives to be linked on a common network, but also controls any other I/O at the same time. In fact, Power PMAC forms the EtherCAT Master removing the need for separate motion control and network controllers.