Engineering – Anthony Best


Anthony Best Dynamics (ABD) based near Bath has been using Delta Tau motion controllers in products since 1995.

One application featuring 19 axes of motion control is the Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine (SPMM) used by automotive manufacturers throughout the World for measuring the quasi-static suspension properties of vehicles. In addition to the basic motion control, the SPMM features up to 32 additional encoder channels and 96 analogue channels for data capture purposes. Delta Tau’s worldwide support network ensures that ABD’s customers are always able to get local support if they need it.

Another application is ABD’s in-vehicle robot systems. These are used on the test track to apply repeatable inputs to the steering, braking, and throttle to enable manufacturers to measure vehicle response on the track. The robots are controlled by a Delta Tau motion controller with USB, Ethernet, and CAN interfaces.

Mat Hubbard, Technical Director(ABD) comments “Delta Tau controllers enable us to focus on developing algorithms for our application rather than having to worry about tasks such as synchronising motors and achieving tight servo control. In the robot application we take real-time GPS position feedback information into the robot controller via Ethernet and then run background tasks to calculate the commands to the steering, throttle and brake actuators required to drive the car through a pre-defined path.”

A recent application involves vehicle misuse testing.’The Delta Tau based system is used to control a driverless vehicle over ramps and other extreme manoeuvres that can induce accelerations on impact of over 30g.

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