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Since 1990, Micromech Systems Limited (MSL) has evolved into a system build and automation specialist, catering for the changing role of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), manufacturers and research establishments. As large OEM’s downsize and manufacturers seek ways to reduce costs they look for a cost-effective sub-contract facility or an automation company to provide the skills and experience to improve production.

We offer a complete service, from design and build, to test, programming, installation and commissioning and furthermore we are at the forefront of technological change. At MSL we will continue to offer the customer a state-of-the-art solution to a problem with a commercially sensible approach.

Control automation is changing at all levels, driven by developments in computer technology, manufacturers are facing increased challenges in ever more demanding markets, and the traditional approaches to automation control are coming under close scrutiny.

The ability to meet the requirements of modern manufacture can only come from increased flexibility in the process control environment and to do this MSL has expertise in all aspects of automation technology. This allows the manufacturer to concentrate on production of their own product, saving valuable time and resource.

Micromech Systems can produce a complete control system; including, initial concept, design, build, test, software programming, installation and commissioning, while ensuring the latest motion control products are used and that the relative European Directives have been applied.

The ability to produce all types of automation software; bringing in data manipulation, math’s functions, statistical process control – combined with the latest generations of man-machine interfaces, provides for greater functionality and improved productivity.

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