Engineering – Q-Sys

Q-Sys offers a complete design and build service for all types of precision motion and positioning systems. Formed in 2007 by 4 former colleagues from Anorad Europe, the company aims to fill the gap between standard catalogue motion products and real world applications. Instead of having to accept solutions for complex motion tasks from components designed for mass production, Q-Sys enables engineers to obtain exactly what best suits their needs – bespoke, high accuracy motion equipment.

By exploring the real requirements of the application, Q-Sys engineers can offer high performance but cost-effective solutions to today’s most demanding motion systems needs. This may result in a custom design to directly meet the customer’s specification. However, more often than not, the solution will use one or more elements from previous designs. These are carefully selected to ensure the most cost effective solution. This technique has proved very successful, not only for one-off special purpose systems but also in producing the motion platforms for series production machines. This means large savings can be made by incorporating the motion hardware into the machine support frame, often an integral part of the overall solution. Control solutions can range from the most basic to an all encompassing motion and machine control platform, using PMAC, Geobrick or UMAC hardware as appropriate and with CNC front end if required. Generally the final implementation will be guided by customer preferences.

Specialising in the application of linear motor technology, Q-Sys engineers have over 40 years collective experience in delivering quality solutions to individual applications. These include laser machining and cutting, digital holography, large format inkjet printing, semiconductor wafer metrology and flat panel display production to name just a few. The company has also worked with several synchrotron facilities to deliver a variety of custom motion and positioning solutions.

Based in The Netherlands, Q-Sys shares premises with BoTech, one of Europe’s foremost suppliers of precision granite assemblies.

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