turbo-pmac-clipper-drive-lrTo meet the need for inexpensive, yet precise motion control, Delta Tau launched its Turbo PMAC Clipper controller some time ago. The multi-axis controller is very powerful, but compact and cost-effective. It has Delta Tau’s full Turbo PMAC2 processor (CPU) section and provides a minimum of 4 axes of servo or stepper control with 32 general-purpose digital I/O points. It has both Ethernet and RS-232 communications links.

Over the past couple of years, the Clipper family has grown to include a variety of options to enable all sorts of controls to be constructed.

The base version of the Turbo PMAC Clipper controller provides a 110mm x 220mm (4.25” x 8.5”) board with features such as 256k x 24 user SRAM; 1M x 8 flash memory for user backup & firmware; PID/notch/feed forward servo algorithms; 32 general-purpose TTL-level I/O points, sink/source selectable by byte and many more advanced standard functions.

The Clipper can be used completely standalone, with occasional commands from a host computer or PLC, or with real-time high-speed streaming of data over the Ethernet link. The Clipper can supply the most demanding of applications at a fraction of the cost previously possible.

A host of stackable accessories are available for fast DAC conversion, direct PWM and high resolution sin/cos encoder interpolation among others.

There is a module fitted with a breakout card from the standard four axis controller to handle optically isolated I/O and also provide LED indication for each I/O; and a Turbo Clipper Drive to enable easy integration for up to four axes.

Latest development is the Clipper CNC that makes the development and integration of machine tool controllers extremely straightforward.