power-pmac-ethercat-lrgePower PMAC from Delta Tau not only enables a variety of apparently disparate motor drives to be linked on a common network, but also controls any other I/O at the same time. In fact, Power PMAC forms the EtherCAT Master removing the need for separate motion control and network controllers.

EtherCAT is an increasingly widely used open, high performance, Ethernet based fieldbus system that supports a huge range of devices with a broad range of protocols.

EtherCAT protocols supported by Power PMAC include:

  • Coe, Foe and Eoe
  • Coe DS402 specification for drives
  • Cyclic drives in Position, Veloicity and Torque modes

Power PMAC is a seventh generation motion controller that combines unprecedented speed and accuracy with ultra high bandwidth for sub-nanoscale motion precision.

It is possible to control up to 256 axes from a single card with a unique 64-bit hardware floating point processor that delivers breathtaking processing speeds – in fact, speed is orders of magnitude better than other motion controllers. In one custom servo program test, processing time was slashed from 588 µ s to just 1.6 µ s. There is also the capability to control up to 32 co-ordinated axes.

High speed integrated communications aids precision machine implementation and control. Again, a custom test showed an improvement from 4.0s to 220 m s.

New memory configurations enable extremely fast access rates and the Power PMAC boasts not only error checking, but importantly now has error correction – a vital new feature for complex motion algorithms.
Other standard features include powerful PLC functionality; a web server interface as standard; USB and SD card interfaces; and USB2 built in Ethernet with 1GB transmission. Software for Power PMAC is written resourcefully and the development environment integrates with MS Visual Studio.