geobrick-lv-ims2Controlling up to 8 axes of mixed servo and stepping motor types, the new Geo Brick LV IMS-II family of products is also a fraction of the size and cost of most conventionally built 8-axis systems.

Delta Tau sets the global benchmarks for precision motion control, and has now created what is, in effect, the first multiple technology, multiple axis low voltage motion controller/data acquisition system with integral amplifiers designed specifically for synchrotron ring applications.

The Geo Brick LV concept was designed to control the combination of motor technologies typically encountered in synchrotron applications. Given the complexity of such systems, this new design has significantly reduced cabling, simplifying installation and reducing costs.

The Geo Brick LV IMS-II expands the range of Delta Tau’s widely used Geo Brick integrated multi-axis controller/amplifier family of products. As well as integrating the amplifiers, the LV controllers offer the unique power of the Delta Tau position control systems. This concept provides great savings in both panel space and installation costs and whilst the design is optimised for operation using a 48VDC bus – a level that eliminates many regulatory concerns – the amplifers each have a 250W or 5A capacity.