Partners – IDT


IDT provide the world’s synchrotron community with a design and build resource in state of the art mechanical precision instrumentation.

IDT started trading in 2000 and some 8 years later have fully developed and proved a comprehensive range of components for the Synchrotron beamline market. We have supplied most of the world’s Synchrotron Radiation Sources with components and also designed & built complete beamlines HPCAT @ APS (Chicago-USA); HXMA @ CLS- Saskatoon- Canada) and most recently built & performance demonstrated the Microspectroscopy Beamline ID5 @ ASP (Melbourne-Australia).

The Australian beamline has a completely novel optics scheme and presented many significant technical challenges for IDT Scientists & Engineers. The goals to be achieved included:-

Positional stability of ASP Microspectroscopy Beamline optics and slits:

  • Unfocussed beam stability at the Beam Defining Aperture BDA shall be less than 10 μm (RMS);
  • Focussed beam stability at sample using KB mirrors shall be less than 1 μm/24 hours;
  • Vibrations of focussed beam at sample using KB mirrors shall be less than 0.25 μm RMS integrated between 0.1 Hz and 50 Hz with best effort to 0.1 μm; and
  • BDA and Secondary Source Aperture positional stability shall be less than 1 μm (RMS).

Such a demanding specification required novel instrument solutions to be designed, prototyped & tested. Fully engineered solutions were then implemented and integrated into the final beamline design & build.

The beamline shown below utilised some 44 driven axis mostly stepper motor many of which were encoded and driven in closed loop via the Delta Tau Pmac hardware.

Novel X ray beam diagnostics were designed to measure the beam position and provide fast feedback to the critical optical elements such as the pitch & roll of the second crystal on the cryo cooled Double Crystal Monochromator DCM.

The key optics linear motion elements having integrated piezo elements for fine control and fast feedback in EPICS closed loop.

The contract was let in February 2007 with an end date of 30 th September 2008. IDT performance demonstration measurements were completed on the 22 nd September 2008 the measured optical performance of the beamline was shown to be superior to the required specification. The use of the Pmac hardware was a critical component in the success of the project.