Partners – PTP


Product Technology Partners embodies over 20 years experience in the development of applications and machines using Delta Tau hardware. Our application experience ranges from user-programmable multi-axis micromanipulators through component handling and alignment to large, high precision, servo-hydraulic test machines.

Working with our customers across a variety of industrial and scientific disciplines, we use experience, cross-pollination and technology transfer to develop robust, innovative applications. Whether providing consultancy services or design and build of a complete turnkey system, we have a reputation for delivery to specification, on time and to budget.

Our systems typically combine servo controller and PC or workstation applications to provide:

  • Coordinated multi-axis servo, stepper and pneumatic control
  • Simultaneous control and data acquisition
  • User-configurable or programmable machine behaviour and sequencing
  • Data logging, analysis and presentation

Delta Tau motion controllers provide many advanced facilities for multi-axis control that far transcend simple PID algorithms. With PhD-level control systems design expertise, PTP is well placed to make best use of these facilities to provide high performance applications. Our tools for design and implementation include:

  • Advanced multi-variable and state-space control design
  • Model-referenced control system design
  • Self-tuning and adaptive control
  • Adaptive filtering
  • Linear and non-linear signal processing and optimisation

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