1600 VA Rating 400-QUAD160-10X
500 VA Ratings 400-QUAD050-10X

quad-psu-img1Controlling up to 8 axes of mixed servo and stepping motor types, the new Geo Brick LV IMS-II family of products is also a fraction of the size and cost of most conventionally built 8-axis systems.

Delta Tau has a new compact discrete power supply, called the Quad PSU, that not only reduces cabling for the new Geo Brick LV IMS-II, but also provides reliable power for up to four separate Geo Brick units in a single rack mounted device.

The power supply unit is a low profile 1U blade type configuration with three power supplies plus a Regen unit. It has a universal Input (85 – 265VAC) with built in power factor correction and independent motor and logic/IO power inlets.

One 1600VA or 500VA 48V motor power and two 150W 24V supplies provide the power for up to four Geo Brick LV IMS-II motion con­trollers supplying the Motors, logic supplies and user I/O in one compact unit.

Each output is individually switch isolated with thermal overload protection. The internal wiring is so arranged to enable Current Sharing of the motor power between the four GeoBrick controllers.

Both the Quad PSU and the Low Current LC versions also have internal regen capacity with thermal overloads protecting the regen resistor